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What is Central Station Monitoring?

Mutual’s UL Listed 5 Diamond Central Monitoring station is located in the heart of mid-town Manhattan and is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with Mutual’s highly trained security professionals. Being UL Listed means that we can provide our clients with security systems that can be UL rated to comply with any required insurance specifications. Through the latest internet and cellular communication technologies, the central monitoring station ensures rapid response to any security event or maintenance issue that occurs on your property. Mutual is one of only a select group of companies approved by the City of New York to monitor fire alarm systems. Since the Mutual central station serves only our clients, you can rest assured that if there is a break-in, fire or a change in the monitored environment, the response will be immediate and might include communication with on-site staff, Mutual agent response, or notifying the proper authorities.

Mutual’s FDNY approved & UL Listed Central Station is one of 17 monitoring facilities nationally that has the rare distinction of being authorized to retransmit Fire Alarm signals to the NYC Fire Department. Because we are not a contract monitoring service for other alarm companies and service only our own accounts, our clients are managed on a personal level and are regarded with the very highest level of service expected. Our Central Station tracks all system trouble and supervisory conditions so we can follow up with a service coordinator the very next day.